FEES – Arguably the best part about working with us!

A simple business philosophy: We create our value by creating value for our clients. Every engagement with Exalto is a successful engagement.

Our grant services have a success-based fee structure*. Fees are only ever charged after our clients have received funds from the government. Amazing!

Advisory fees can be on a project or retainer basis depending on your business needs (details below). We decide and agree on all fees together based on our discovery meetings.
*Where applicable by grant rules and type


Success (Contingency) Fee Structure

Business owners value both time and money. We get it. Paying for services without a guarantee of success seems silly. We get it. So we’ve set up a success-based fee, contingent on your business successfully receiving grant funding before we get paid. This structure emphasizes a collaborative partnership between us and our clients for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

Project-Based Fees

This is mostly for our Business Plan service, but also available for other short-term work. The specific fee is determined by the scope of work and the length of the project. Usually, one-half the fee is payable upon signing the contract and the balance is due within 15 days of completion of the work.

Retainer Fee Structure

This is best-suited for on-going, long-term work, whether for ongoing grants or advisory services. A scope of work and range of hours per month is agreed to, and the fee is paid on a monthly basis. Flexibility and volume-based cost savings are the main benefits for our clients in such an arrangement.


Need Something Different?

If you have other needs, just ask! We are flexible and willing to set up reasonable alternatives. We can (and have!) also help you find the funds to pay for Business Plan or Advisory services.