Businesses all over BC, Alberta, and Ontario look to our expert team to secure hiring & training grants. Whether you are looking to hire new employees or train existing ones, we can help. It’s easy: everything from grant discovery to grant execution and reporting, we’ve got you covered.
Looking to expand your team? There are so many incredible grants from Canada’s government that help offset hiring costs ranging from a fixed contribution grant to grants that help offset 50-100% of the wages paid.
Training grants are provided by the provincial government to help offset costs associated with training. These grants cover 2/3 of training costs, for training programs offered by registered providers. Whether you are in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario, our team can help your business secure grant funding for your the hiring & training of your employees.
Take full advantage of our experiences from assisting hundreds of clients across multiple sectors, from food services to technology startups, to help your business as well. Reach out to us today! 🙂
Hiring Grants are awesome. How can you access them? While each one is different, the general eligibility rules for them are:
  1. Your business has to be Canadian Company (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Incorporation, Non-for-profit)
  2. Your business must be 1+ year old (registered year, not operating year)
  3. Your business must have work safe coverage (WCB, WSIB etc)